Research and development

Founded in 2014

In light of the rapid development of industry technology, which has a strong impact on raising the efficiency, rates, and quality of production and its positive impact on reducing the cost of production, it has become necessary to increase the focus on research and development, which mainly aims to review and revise the available technologies, increase their efficiency, improve existing products and innovate new products, processes, and services in order to Face competition and increasing the size of the global Robex customer base. Since 2013, the company has placed research and development activities at the top of its priorities, and established the Robex Center for Research and Development, which is the foundation from which the global Robex sets out towards drawing a map of the future to be achieved, raising the slogan “Search and innovate today to excel tomorrow.”

Research and development activities reflect the desire of Robex International to give up part of its current revenues and profits in order to improve its efficiency and future revenues, by employing part of these revenues in research and development activities that it is hoped will bear fruit in the future. within 3.5% of its budget. The company always seeks to increase the financing share for the management of the Roubaix Center for Research and Development in order to support its goals to create and develop innovative solutions that enhance its ability to achieve its vision and strategic goals. Robex International has considered innovation and development to be one of the basic elements of competitive performance measures in order to maintain superiority and continuous growth.

In 2016, the laboratory and the central laboratory were established, which is specialized in conducting tests on the raw materials and finished products of the company and ensuring their conformity to quality in accordance with standard and international specifications, as well as developing solutions to problems facing production processes through the latest devices that cover most of the mechanical, physical, thermal and optical tests.