Social responsibility (caring for institutions and social centers)

Rubex International’s management is based on harnessing its human resources and practical expertise to serve the community and society. With the passage of time, the requirements of society have increased, and with it our desire to commit to serving the society of our dear homeland. Today, Rubex International has proven, after the initiative of its employees, to donate 1% of their salaries, which is more than 350 thousand EGP  annually in favor of sponsoring the projects of the Egyptian Corporation for Small and Medium Enterprises, which is concerned with the employment youth and lending them a good loan without interest to establish their small industrial projects and help them in marketing to spread hope for a better future and relieve suffering and despair for them and their families.

Rubex International is also the main sponsor of the Arkan Center for Professional Creativity by holding exhibitions (Art Without Fences), which is the first cultural center of its kind that adopts talents and embraces all segments of society, Muslims, and Christians, on the grounds of St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Mansheya, Alexandria. And giving it the opportunity for a new generation that restores the idea of unity and peace between the spectrum of society and one country. There are also Burj Al Arab associations, which include (Bashaer Al Khair Association – Al Nakhl Islamic Association – Al Hakim Charitable Foundation – Burj Al Arab General Hospital. there is also the Golden years Association for Community Development, which is an association that helps the elderly To live healthily, enjoy their lives, not be isolated, and help those who care in how to deal with them in terms of health and psychological aspects and to provide advice from specialized doctors by holding seminars. The Golden years Association thanked Rubex International for their donation of 150 chairs and 50 tables for the first elderly rally of Its kind in the Middle East, which was held in Maryland Park-Cairo in October 2022

– Taking care of the industrial environment for the sake of community health

Among the things worth mentioning is the global adoption of Rubex international to implement and encourage green practices to help reduce environmental waste, as environmental pollution leads directly or indirectly to damage to the health of the Egyptian citizen and affects natural factors or living organisms that exist in our city. Rubex international places among its priorities the recycling of waste, to the extent that the company has no waste to dispose of except for a few scarcities such as food waste or soil, and there is no waste that is buried in the ground or burned in the air. And it has projects to recycle glass and aluminum.

– Sponsoring the training of university students and technical institutes

In view of the importance of summer training for students of engineering and technical colleges and institutes and adopting talented ones among them, the company trains and develops the capabilities of students as they are trained inside Rubex international factories and assigned to work on various projects and help them complete their graduation projects and follow them closely under the supervision of Rubex Center for Research and development after coordination with their educational departments And rewarding the committed ones at the end of the training period, and granting the outstanding ones certificates of excellence and a job opportunity in Rubex after graduation, in order to create new leaders that will leave a positive impact within society