Consulting Arch.
Magdy El-Taher

Chairman of Board of Directors

“It is an honor for me to preside over the management of this great edifice and to cooperate with this generation of leaders and workers, in order to contribute together to raise the name of the global Rubex in local and international forums. In the year 2013 AD, and based on specialized studies of future visions and ambitious plans for Rubex, A group of businessmen, represented by the entity of Al-Rateem Company for Development and Construction, saw that entering into the investment in the Rubex Company is a good opportunity, and work has been done to seize it. laid down for its advancement and development.”

Eng. Alaa Al-Taher

Deputy Chairman of the Board

“We are building a global industrial edifice on the shoulders of the leaders of the company’s employees, taking advantage of their accumulated experience in developing modern production methods through the Rubex Center for Research and Development to produce local industries that are comparable to the global product at a competitive price and high quality. .”

Eng. Hossam Al-Hakim

Consultant of the company and representative of the owner company, Al-Rateem, in the management of Rubex

“Our accumulated and diverse experiences add to our products the competitiveness in terms of quality and price with our studies and research to reach the latest developments in the world in terms of developing our production lines to reduce costs and raise product efficiency.”

Mr. Khaled Refaat

Commercial Director

Working to raise the efficiency of the service departments is reflected in the high quality of the product, especially reliability, which leads to the ability to open new markets that were not previously accessible.