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    Solid surface Basins
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    Rubitan complete set RS2
    RS2 Rubitan Furniture in a complete set. For indoor, outdoor, balcony, gardens and terraces.
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    RUBEX 2015
    Sanitary ware
    Raise the plastic factory production capacity from 150 to 3000 ton per month.
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    RUBEX 2015

Who we are?


  • Raise the plastic factory production capacity from 1000 to 3000 ton per month.
  • Direct 90% of the production capacity to export.
  • Increase Local sales 60% by Beginning of the Q1, 2016.
  • Build new corporate identity and image by year 2016.
  • Add new production lines to produce new products exclusively for European companies.
  • Transfer the latest industrial technologies.
  • Establishing research and development (R&D) department responsible for designing new products. As we continue growing to keep up with customer demand. We aim to create the most efficient designs and maximize customer benefits. It is our goal to improve the quality of our processes for all customer satisfaction.

Deliver Innovative Products with very high quality at competitive price. Due to policies applied to all our machines and work process offering digital technology to benefit the market with accurate costs and fully-automated systems.

  • To be the number one plastic manufacturer in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, and to compete in the acrylic market.
What We do
  • Plastic chairs, tables, fruit box, vegetable trolley, etc.....
  • Plastic rattan furniture (indoor and outdoor).
  • Plastic industrial pallets (different sizes and loadability).
  • Acrylic bath tubs.
  • Shower cabinets and shower enclosure
  • Toilet cover seats: plastic, urea and polyester.
  • Acrylic sheets: for bath tubs and advertising.
  • Tempered glass.
RUBEX was established in 1987, has built a strong reputation of quality and reliability in plastic and Acrylic products sector in Egypt as well as throughout the entire region.
The factory's complex is located in New Borg El Arab City, 3rd Industrial Zone-Alexandria- Egypt,of a total area of 40,000 square meters.
RUBEX is an Egyptian joint-stock company, with more than 650 employees.